Is Your Garage Really Big Enough For What You Do?
Dover Delaware What You Should Know About Sheds


With a double-hinged side door and carriage style garage store, you’ll have no trouble storing or retrieving your most used toys.

Dover Delaware Don't Wait Another Day for that Shed!

Hi Barn

Our Hi Barn profile is a popular choice among our customers with pressing space concerns. Its open layout and oversized entry make it perfect for housing heavy equipment.

Dover Delaware How an Artisan Shed is Better


Great for hobbyists or DIY’ers and built to last, the Addison Garage is the perfect companion to your home.

Dover Delaware Backyard Sheds: An Overview


The Workshop is another of our most popular designs, as its versatile design makes it a ready craft space as well as a convenient storage solution.

Make the Right Choice When Selecting Your New Garage
Dover Delaware A shed will protect your belongings from the sun.

Customizable Design

We can build your new utility structure with your choice of materials and shelving options.

Dover Delaware The Shed: An Anti-Clutter Solution

Expert Insight

Our design experts can identify and implement the most effective options for your planned purposes.

Dover Delaware Sheds for Every Household

Old World Craftsmanship

Every outdoor structure we turn out from our production plant carries centuries of experience.

Dover Delaware Your Shed: A Place to Think and Dream

Streamlined Production

Our supply chain means fully customized products in 6 weeks or less.

Dover Delaware Increase Your Property Value with a Pool Shed

Onsite Delivery

We can deliver your custom storage structure to your property at your convenience.

Dover Delaware Need some space? Look no further than your shed.

Precision Placement

We can position your new garage practically anywhere on your property using our SHED MULE.

Is Your Car Stuck On the Sidewalk? When it's Time to Consider a New Garage
Dover Delaware How a Shed Became a Pool House

Doris A. Wright

The uses for my new Workshop garage just keep growing. I've started to use it as a studio for my sculptures as well as a storage space.

Dover Delaware Insider Secrets Revealed: Why Customs Sheds Last Longer

William T. Cole

Storage space was definitely at a premium in my small house, so the Hi Barn was the perfect choice. It has plenty of spact for my art collection as well as my priceless antiques.

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Prefab Wood Storage Buildings in Dover, Delaware.


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Information for Dover, Delaware

Dover, city, capital (1777) of Delaware, U.S., seat of Kent county, in the east-central portion of the state on the St. Jones River. It was laid out in 1717 around an existing county courthouse and jail on the order (1683) of William Penn and was named for the English city. Dover was incorporated as a town in 1829 and as a city in 1929. Colonial buildings clustered around the Green include the Old State House (1792), which served as the capitol until 1933 when the main state offices were transferred to nearby Legislative Hall. King Charles II's royal grant and William Penn's deeds to Delaware (1682) from James, duke of York (later King James II), are displayed in the Hall of Records. The boyhood home (1740) of John Dickinson, 'penman of the Revolution, ' is preserved. The Delaware State Museum sites in Dover include Meeting House Gallery I, which occupies a former Presbyterian church (1790).Legislative Hall, keystone of the capitol buildings group, Dover, Delaware. Milt and Joan Mann/CameraMann International Dover is a state government and farm trade centre with some light industries. It is the seat of Delaware State University (1891) and Wesley College (1873). Dover Air Force Base, established during World War II, is the principal air cargo terminal for the Air Mobility Command. The Delaware Agricultural Museum and Village is 2 miles (3 km) north of the city centre. Pop. (2000) 32, 135; (2010) 36, 047.

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Dover - Is Your Car Stuck On the Sidewalk? When it's Time to Consider a New Garage Articles

Compare Steel vs Wood Garage Costs

Steel Garage Overview

If you're looking for a garage that is cost effective and quick to build, you might want to consider purchasing a steel garage. Steel garages are great for home use, small business storage and even industrial applications.

Most steel garages are prefabricated, meaning the major components are made in a factory. When the components are delivered to your site, the garage just needs to be assembled. If you have construction experience or you're particularly handy, you can save a significant amount of money by assembling the garage yourself.

Steel garage kits come in all sorts of sizes, shapes and configurations. You can build a one- or two-car garage, or you can save time and money by opting for a basic carport. Garage kits can be ordered with custom features such as windows, special doors or lighting, too.

How Much Does a Steel Garage Cost?

Prices vary based on size and design. They're also influenced by factors such as local materials and labor costs. Typically, steel garage kits cost anywhere from $5,000 to $30,000. Carport kits fall on the lower end of that price range, while a 50x100-foot garage with a workshop would fall on the high end. However, those prices do not include the foundation or installation.

Looked at another way, budget about $10-$25 per square foot for a steel garage, including the foundation and installation.

Steel Garage Pros

Less expensive - Because most steel garages are prefabricated, they tend to be cheaper than wood garages. You'll save a considerable amount of money on construction costs.

Strong and durable - Steel is a strong material with a very long life expectancy. It is damage resistant, rot resistant and fire resistant. Most steel garages will last 20 to 30 years or more.

Faster to build - Prefabricated steel garages require less building time. They go up faster than wood garages because they require very little internal support.

Eco-friendly - Steel is one of most recycled materials available. You can buy a steel garage kit that is made of recycled materials, or you can recycle your steel garage when it's no longer useful.

Steel Garage Cons

Not as attractive - Most people find steel garages less attractive than wood garages. There are fewer color and design options from which to choose, and the buildings tend to have a cookie-cutter look.

Rust/condensation problems - Condensation tends to collect in steel buildings, which can lead to rust. The condensation can also damage tools inside the garage.

Can be difficult to build - Steel garage kits usually require specialized tools. Building a steel garage requires some technical expertise beyond that of many do-it-yourselfers.

Local restrictions - In some areas, local building codes prohibit steel buildings. Check with your city or town before you purchase a kit.

Wood Garage Overview

Wood garages are the more traditional choice. Wood was the building material of choice long before anyone had thought of using steel. As with steel garages, prefabricated kits are available. Or, you can hire a builder to construct your wood garage from scratch.

Prefabricated wood garages are similar to prefabricated steel garages. They are sold in a variety of shapes and sizes, and you can custom order features such as windows, doors ventilation systems and lights. The factory-made pieces come completely ready to assemble, with holes for bolts and fasteners already drilled.

How Much Does a Wood Garage Cost?

Wood garages are more expensive than steel garages. But the total cost depends on many factors, the biggest one being whether you purchase a prefabricated kit or hire a builder. The cost is also influenced by the size and configuration of the garage and how much of the construction you take on versus hire out.

A very small prefabricated wood garage might cost 10,000 to $15,000, compared to about $5,000 to $8,000 for a similarly-sized steel garage kit. That does not include the cost of the foundation or labor. A wood garage built from scratch can easily cost many tens of thousands - even $100,000 or more.

Wood Garage Pros

More attractive - Most people consider wood garages more attractive than steel varieties. There are more styles, finishes and colors from which to choose. And wood garages can be painted to match your house.

Energy efficient - Wood garages are much easier to insulate, heat and cool. They stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Easier to construct - Most builders and do-it-yourselfers are more familiar with wood construction methods. No specialized tools are required.

Wood Garage Cons

More expensive - Wood garages are significantly more expensive than steel garages.

Not as sustainable - Wood garages are often made using virgin wood, not recycled materials.

Requires more maintenance - Wood requires regular maintenance in order to prevent rotting, fungus or insect infestation. Wood also needs to be painted or stained every few years.
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